Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Meet the Penguins ~ Class 2

On Wednesday morning Class 2 walked down to Harewood Park to meet the penguins and to do a penguin workshop.

We had to concentrate to carefully cut out our penguin hats and colour them in neatly.

We saw the penguins basking in the sunshine. There were only 2 penguins out and about and the others were in their nests resting. We listened Peter who told us information about the penguins and we asked questions.

We wore our penguin hats as we walked around the bird garden. We were very lucky to have such lovely weather for our visit.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Maths Open Afternoon ~ Class 2

  The last week of the spring term was our creative maths week and on the Friday we had an open     afternoon to show parents some of the different ways we learn maths in our classroom.

We baked some buns with Mrs Reynolds using maths skills to measure and weigh the ingredients.
We decorated the buns using fractions. We used halves, quarters and thirds. We had to make sure that each section was equal. All the children decorated a fraction cake to take home.
Some parents took part in our multiplication challenge where they had to complete times tables with speed and accuracy to beat the timer.
The pressure was on as the children made the challenge more difficult for the parents by making the times tables harder and reducing the time on the timer.

We love doing times tables in class 2!
Some children were showing the parents how to play tens and units bingo.
These year 2 girls were using hundreds, tens and units.
Mrs Pears was finding out about odd and even numbers with Hugo.
In the hundred square challenge we used a blank hundred square and you had to work out where the numbers would go using your knowledge of counting in tens and ones. It needed a great deal of concentration.
Some of the parents went wrong but luckily the children in class 2 were there to guide them and get them back on track!
In the magic maths challenge you had to start by thinking of a number between 1 and 10 and then writing down a number of calculations and see what you noticed about the number you ended up with.
The secret was a clever trick using inverse operations that meant that you ended up with the same number you started with.
Some children were learning number doubles by playing a game with dice and counters.

We used numicon to help us work out any doubles we were unsure of.
If you got the double correct you were allowed to move on one space.
We played arrays bingo to help us match times tables sums to the correct "groups of" pictures.
Thank you to all the parents that attended our maths open afternoon. It was lovely to welcome to you all to our classroom and we hope you had a great time doing maths!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tennis area finals (Liveblog)

Our Year 4 team are competing in the area tennis finals at Boston Spa School.

We WON!!!!!!!!! Well done!

Next stop , the Leeds Finals at the end of April.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tennis competition

Brilliant performance by the whole team. Year 5s came third and the Y3 / Y4 team won, which takes them through to the Leeds finals in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Looking for the signs of spring with Class One

On Wednesday afternoon Class One set out on an adventure. They were looking for the signs that springtime has arrived in Harewood.

We saw our first evidence of spring very close to school. At the bus stop we found early spring crocus and miniature daffodils flowering.
 Next we stopped off at Spring Gardens to see the pretty cherry blossom.
We also found daisies growing in the grass.
 We took time to examine everything closely before doing some careful sketching of the cherry trees and the blossom.

We also took the time to stop and listen quietly. We heard lots of busy birds!
Then we found some snowdrops near the Muddy Boots Café.

 We headed down the lane and noticed how it still looked like winter in the woods.

 We discovered a bridge and had to wait for a horse to pass before we could make our way to Moor House.
 Our final stop was for a bit more drawing.
There was a big wood pigeon in the tree surrounded by even more colourful flowers.

Back to school safe and sound to talk about what we had seen.