Saturday, 22 November 2014

Yorkshire Water

On Thursday the 13th of November Class 4 went on our Yorkshire Water trip. Our first stop off was at the Headingly water treatment site. We started by discussing the water cycle and establishing children's level of understanding as well as discussing harmful things contained in untreated water.
 With hard hats on we ventured out to treatment facility. Our guide explained each part of the process of cleaning water, taken from rivers and streams and turned into fresh drinking water.
 The first stage involved removing 'floc' from the water using a 'flocculator'.
Then the 'dissolved air flotation tank'......
As you can was all quite technical!
Gradually, with each process, the water became visibly cleaner.

We were amazed to learn that there was only one full time member of staff working this whole plant! Also, it was fascinating to realise how quickly the cleaning process worked - a full cycle took less than an hour to turn dirty water to clean water.

Then we went to the classroom area to complete a range of tasks including this one - identifying causes of water wastage.
Then it was off to the Esholt sewage treatment site. The first thing we all noticed stepping off the coach was the foul stench........
We were able to see the water coming directly from the sewers - lucky us! It was actually very interesting though and our guide showed us each step of the journey of cleaning the water (as well as using the waste for energy and recycling it for agricultural usage) ready to return to the rivers and streams.

Finally we got to put on our scientist robes and try out a range of experiments relating to water. These included learning about flood tanks and how they protect our roads during flash floods; how hydroelectricity can be generated; how microbes can be used to actually help clean the water; and other grim things like a tube with some fake poos in it! All can be seen below if you look carefully.

Overall it was a fascinating trip and I am sure we all came away having learnt many things we had no idea about before the visit. This trip also serves as a great launch-pad for our latest Science topic on separating materials.

Friday, 21 November 2014

'Earth to Echo' Cinema trip (and iPad follow up work)

 Last Tuesday (11th) Class 4 ventured out to Harrogate Odeon to watch the film 'Earth to Echo'.

 The class really enjoyed the film so we decided to write reviews of it. This gave us an opportunity to try out a newly installed iPad app called 'Popplet' to create 'mid-maps' focusing on different aspects of the film. This produced some unique work which was then used in class to write the final reviews.

 The green and red comments boxes were coloured by the pupils to denote positive and negative aspects of the work.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ask the Expert!

Class 3 were lucky enough to have a bone expert deliver their Science lesson this week. Dr.Jeffrey paid us a visit and brought along a bag of bones!
She explained to us how important bones are and the role that our skeleton plays in protecting our organs and producing our blood.

Dr.Jeffrey took time to answer all our questions and taught us lots of new facts. We would like to say a big thank-you to her for giving up her time to help make our lesson so interesting!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Pumpkin Party Horrors

A school full of little horrors - that is the sight that greeted anyone brave enough to come along to the annual PTA Pumpkin Party. Once again the PTA had pulled out all the stops to put on a frightfully good do! 
The costumes and make up this year were amazing. We also had a pumpkin carving competition and Superworm providing the terrifying tunes.

Thank you to everyone who came along and helped make the event such a success. It was great to see so many people having a great time.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

An Autumn Adventure by Class One

Class One had an autumn adventure when they went for a walk in the woods last week.
We talked about how we could share our adventure with lots of people and decided to do a blog.

This is Class One’s first ever blog. All the children contributed by choosing the photographs and thinking carefully about what they wanted to say.
We have been learning about storytelling so Scarlett thought it would be a good idea to tell a story about our adventure. Some of the children chose to report their contribution on the iPad and some used the digital voice recorder. All of them had a go at writing part, or all of what they wanted to say.

This is the story we wrote, along with the pictures we chose.
Once upon a time Class One went for a walk in the woods.

The children ran around finding leaves and put them in bags to take back to school. They also took photographs of each other and the things they saw around them.

Lots of them were very excited to help pull Freddie’s cart. The cart was also very useful for carrying leaves.
On the way back to school they found a mysterious tunnel with a bridge over the top. They thought about who might live in the tunnel under the bridge.
At the end of the walk they found a log and tree branches. They all found a space and had their photograph taken. It was fun!
When they got back to school they looked at all the beautiful leaves they had found. They thought about the colours and saved part of the leaves so they could mix their own colours and make leaf prints.
They also shared the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff (because they thought maybe a Troll had lived under the bridge they crossed on the walk) and they used puppets to retell the story.

Class One had a fantastic time investigating all the autumn things they found on their walk and the things they have brought from home for the investigation table.

The end.
We hope you enjoyed our story.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Scarecrow Festival ~ Class 2

Class 2 have been thinking about how important scarecrows can be to the harvest. We have been reading stories about scarecrows and drawing pictures of scarecrows in our work on symmetry in maths. As we were all so interested in scarecrows we decided to have a go at making our own!
Here are some pictures showing how we made them.


 We made their heads out of an old sack and we had to stuff the clothes full of hay.


He is looking good Leo!

We had to work hard and solve lots of problems along the way but I am sure you will agree that..

...they look brilliant!

Well done Class 2, you did a great job.