Wednesday, 7 January 2015

It's Electrifying!!

Class 3 may have been away from school for two weeks, but that doesn't mean that they haven't been working hard. Over the holidays they were asked to make an object that used electricity in preparation for our new topic on 'Circuits and Conductors'. As you can see from the photographs the response was fantastic. We had everything from lighthouses to reindeers! Well done everyone! 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Class 4 stop-frame animation project

At times during the last three weeks, Class 4 have been taking part in a very special animation project. With an audience of Reception Class in mind, Year 5 and Year 6 formed two groups and planned a short, simple story on a Christmas theme. They then got to work building their sets....
 We used a range of materials in creative ways - here chalk has been used to represent blocks of ice.

 Mrs Wraighte dropped by to keep up to date with developments - the Year 5 set is really taking shape here.
 Building a second set for the Year 6 animation (an arctic hare's home!).
 The children are so engrossed here they weren't aware of my snapping!
 Adding finishing details to the sets....
 It was important to create backdrops so that the camera wouldn't accidentally focus on the classroom or any irrelevant things.
 Here, pupils sort though a pile of plastic letters which were used for an animated title sequence.
 Filming commences...
 Great action shot - we used very fine cotton to elevate Santa so that he could be moved in the air without any hands being in shot. The cotton was colour matched to the background where possible so it was less visible.
 We used plasticine to make a wide range of additional characters and props - here is an entire arctic hare's Christmas dinner!
 To make the lightning strike flash we took a couple of frames with it present and then it was removed for the next shots. This was repeated to give a flashing effect. We also used close-up reds and yellows to flash and add drama, as well as turning the lights on and off to make the set appear stormy.

 When all the filming was complete, we turned our attention to the narration. Although we had a basic storyline, we hadn't yet formalised the writing of this. At this stage we had a class writing competition - firstly we wrote the story in a standard narrative style and voted for a Year 5 and 6 winner in class. This story was then pitted against a narrative poetry version (in the style of Julia Donaldson) - the overall winner in each group was used for the final films.
 Well done for being chosen by your class for both the standard narrative and the narrative poetry versions!!
 Here are the Year 5 finalists sharing their best efforts - well done!
 After recording the narration, characterised speech and sound effects, editing was completed to bring the scenes together into the final films. These were completed just in time to share with Reception Class on the final day of term. However, we thought they were pretty great so we decided to invite the entire school instead.
 Clearly they are quite captivated! A proud moment for Class 4.
 The final product - as part of the project we also designed dvd covers (cd size box I know) for the final copies which were all made using digital media too.
This has been a fabulously fun project to run. I'm very proud of the final outcomes and all the brilliant ICT skills the pupils have developed, not to mention great creative design and teamwork skills too. All in all this project has been a great success and I hope one the pupils will remember for a long time.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Santa's Steam Train Adventure ~ Class 2

On Friday 12th December Class 2 along, with the foundation stage class, embarked on a magical journey to York Railway Museum to experience Santa's Steam Train Adventure.

We spent the morning looking at the trains in the museum.
We found out that trains used to run on coal and water that makes the steam to power them.
There were lots of interactive activities to keep us busy.
We all enjoyed watching the trains go round on the miniature model railway.
We also enjoyed exploring inside many of the trains..
..even Thomas the  Tank Engine!
We were certainly ready for our lunch. We had worked up a hearty appetite.
We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Grace as it was her Birthday!
It was then time to head off for our Santa Steam Train Adventure.
We found out that Santa's sleigh had broken and all the presents had fallen off!
The Christmas elves asked us all if we would mind helping them to find the presents and to reload the sleigh for Santa.
Of course we were only too willing to help. We had to look for presents with a star on them and return them to the sleigh.
Guran managed to find a giant teddy to rest on. I wonder who will be getting this for Christmas?
It was then time to board the steam train. There was great excitement as we wondered if we would get to meet Santa himself!

We made ourselves comfortable for the journey.
We had to wear the magic elf hat to try to contact Father Christmas. We thought he must be very busy and wondered if he would have time to see us..
....but as we set off down the track he appeared and we were very pleased to see him!
 We all went to meet Santa and we told him about the presents we would like for Christmas...
....and he gave us a small gift to keep us going until the big day. We all sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas" to Santa and his elves before we left.
After all that excitement it was time for an afternoon snack before we headed back to the coach.
At the end of an action packed day, no wonder some of us took the opportunity to recharge our batteries on the way home. A sign of a good day out!
Class 2 would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!