Sunday, 23 April 2017

Meet the Pets at Harewood ~ Class 2

On Thursday morning all the children in Class 2 walked down to the Harewood Estate for a "Meet the Pets" workshop. We split into two year groups and year 2 started by having a look around the Bird Garden.

First stop, the penguins!

We then set off to see the other birds including the parrots..

and the owls.

We saw lots of bugs in the bug garden.

The children were inspired to build bug houses and hotels in our own school garden.

We even had time for a few minutes play on the adventure playground.

We made sure our hands were clean before and after we touched the pets.

The first activity in the workshop was to think about how to look after pets.

The children had to put some cards in order thinking about prioritising the needs of a pet.

We then found out about simple food chains.

We played a game identifying which animals were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

It was then time to explore the farm. We saw goats and pigs,

and everyone had the chance to stroke a rabbit.

We had a great morning down on the farm and it was a brilliant way to finish off our pets topic from the spring term and introduce our new topic for the summer term which is all about birds and bugs. Thank you to the parents that volunteered to help us on the visit, we really appreciate your support.

Monday, 3 April 2017

R.E. Club ~ Spring Term 2017

This half term some children signed up for R.E. club after school on a Thursday.

We made a star of David using lolly sticks.

We decorated each stick and carefully glued them together.

      When they were finished we tied a piece of ribbon to the top to make
a hanging decoration.

We made some clay thumb pots to put a candle in and painted then in bright colours.

Sikhs and Hindus might use these lamps during the festival of Diwali.

Light is an important symbol of all religions.

We made Mother's day cards for Mothering Sunday...

and wrote thoughtful messages inside.

We hope all the mums liked them!

There was some time to sit quietly and read some stories from the Bible.

We decorated a flower pot using a mosaic design.

It helped us to think about new life and the special season of spring.

We planted a sunflower and we are going to see whose flower grows
the tallest over the summer months.

We made some crosses using beads and talked about the Easter story.

We decided to make the crosses into necklaces.

Everyone received an Easter gift bag with a chocolate egg and an activity book about Easter and Lent. We have all really enjoyed R.E. club this term. There will be another club running in the autumn so join us then if you can.
Happy Easter!