Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Water, water, everywhere!

Class 3 were lucky enough to work with students from Boston Spa today as part of our art project for the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership. The sixth formers shared with us some of their favourite artists, as well as their own art work. The class then used the images as inspiration for their own water themed  paintings. It was a great opportunity to paint with acrylics on canvas. Look out for details of the upcoming exhibition! 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Our Fantastic New Sign Revealed

Here it is - our fabulous new sign held by its creators. 

Last year, KS2 were lucky enough to work with Sam the Potter to create tiles inspired by the Burmantoft tiles found in Leeds. The tiles were fired and glazed in the colours that would have been used in the original pieces. 

Some of our finished tiles were selected to spell out our school name. Our very talented friend John kindly put them together and created our very professional looking sign. Look out for it next time you visit us!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Harvest Apple Crumble ~ Class 2

When we came back to school after the long summer holiday we noticed that the apple tree in the school garden was fully laden with fruit ready for picking. Class 2 decided to collect some apples and to bake some apple crumbles.

First we peeled the apples which was quite a tricky job.


Luckily Mrs Reynolds was there ready to lend a hand.
Then we started to mix the flour and sugar together .......
and rub in the butter to make the crumble topping.
 We sprinkled the crumble on top of the apple mixture and they were ready for the oven.
Everyone had an apple crumble to take home for their tea.
Now you have the difficult decision ice-cream or custard?
We hope you enjoyed eating our apple crumbles!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Year 4 yorkshire adventure- Ilkley Moor

                                                      Triumphant Hide and Seekers

                        We mapped the biodiversity of the moorland- surprisingly different in all sectors

 Next it was a senses challenge- could we find our way back to one spot of moorland after being blindfolded and led on a confusing path. It all centred on the childrens efectiveness in observing the detail of their starting point carefully wioth all their available senses before being led away.

                                                      Some made it back- but it was tricky!

A fabulous day!

Year 3 Yorkshire adventure- Otley Chevin

Such a musical bunch.

This has given us an idea for our school, bring on the wool!

We had the most fabuous day! and I think you would agree, the dens are masterful!

Friday, 10 July 2015

A Midsummer Night's Dream (KS2 Production)

 Preparing for the show.....
 Hair and make-up done.....time for the show!

I'm not convinced words can do justice to how incredible this production was! Class 4 were amazing this week and we are so very proud of what they have achieved - I was in awe of them and the confidence with which they performed. As for Mrs Reynolds - what a superstar - if there's a more engaging and inspiring drama teacher working in a primary school I am yet to meet her. Class 3 added great supporting choral work of course and the audience brought atmosphere! What a brilliant show - well done to everyone who was involved.