Sunday, 26 June 2016

Class 3 Camping

So first things first.... We setup camp.

It took us a while but we were pretty pleased with it. Some lovely teamwork going on. 

And then it was time for tea- we have some hungry campers. Thanks to Mrs Sykes and Mrs Khalsi for all their hard work with the food- it was much praised. Yum!

And then it was time for a little life skills session- washing up. Some people really shone (good training there parents!!) 
After a quick game of 'heads down,thumbs up' we moved on to teamwork activities. 

The challenge: be the first team to get the hoop around the circle without ever breaking hands with the people next to you- tricky when the hoop size gradually reduced. 

And then team 'Demon' challenges team 'Rainbow Unicorn' to a glow in the dark bowling competition. It was a tough competition but team 'Demon' won. 

After four rounds of hide and seek we all settled in for a good nights sleep. 

Ok so maybe not immediately! 

Meet our new WVLP Ambassadors

These three children have been elected to represent the school on our learning partnership Pupil Forum. 

Their first job will be to plan an event for the 9 schools for Autumn 2016. 

Thanks for your service, we know you will set a fab example. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Year 6 'Bikeability'

On Wednesday we took part in the second level of the 'Bikeability' course (the first half-day was all on a tennis court) which took place on the road! Throughout the day the children practised various skills such as how to overtake a parked car; setting off; turning left and right onto a main road; and turning off a main road. Personally I spent about 5 minutes on my hire bike and managed to rip a big hole in my trousers somehow (near the bottom of the leg thankfully!) but the children faired much better - they were brilliantly behaved and concentrated well which was obviously pretty important!   

 After lunch we left the comfort of the quiet housing estate and headed to a main road with junctions to practise on.

Well done! You were all brilliant and the instructors (who were also super) were rightly very impressed.