Sunday, 24 April 2016

Plant Projects ~ Class 2

This term the children in Class 2 have been finding out all about plants and trees. During the Easter holiday they were asked to create a project with information about the wild flowers and trees that grow in their local environment.

Some children did their projects about spring flowers.

Others looked at trees and plants in their own gardens.

 Everyone had the opportunity to present their projects to the class. The children were very proud of their work and so they should be.

Some children identified plants and trees when they were out and about visiting different places including the Harewood Estate.

We managed to identify many different types of trees from their leaves.

 Some children made little pocket information books that they could take with them on a walk to help them identify any trees that they see.

We all thought this was a super idea.

We have displayed many of the projects in the classroom so we can share all the information that has been collected.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Our first child led assembly for 2016!

The girls from class 4 led a fabulous inaugural assembly on Feminism, to kick off our new 'child led assembly' project. 

It was great to hear the passion and enthusiasm with which they spoke about women that had inspired them. 

We look forward to many more in the future!

Welcome mat finally arrived!

After winning the competition to design a new school welcome mat in December, the boys finally got to see their handi-work for real last week. 

It's fab boys! Every visitor is sure to feel welcome when they see your lovely artwork. 

Our fabulous tennis team

Well done to our tennis team who put in a sterling effort today, winning 13 of their 16 matches. What a brilliant performance. 

We came second overall and I am really proud of each and every one of you, not only for the brilliant effort you put in, but for the excellent sportsmanship you displayed. Good work team! 

It was great to have a team taking part in the tennis festival too. You learnt some new skills and demonstrated what brilliant team players you all are. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mardi Gras Madness

Our Mardi Gras feature week may be over - but the spirit of carnival lives on!  We hope you enjoy these images of our special week. The collaborative art piece that the whole school produced is now on display in the hall. Examples of our poems, masks and costume designs can also be seen on show in the school hall. We all thoroughly enjoyed our workshops and learnt so much about the festival around the world.

Science with Sophie

Class 3 were treated to a science masterclass today. Our visitor, Sophie, teaches science at Thirsk School. We wrote to Sophie at the beginning of our topic on States of Matter asking her all the tricky questions that we had about the subject. Today all our questions were answered as Sophie talked us through the explanations and conducted some fantastic demonstrations.

Using syringes blocked at one end we found out we definitely couldn't compress solids or liquids - but we were able to squash gases.

 Sophie used a jar full of 'particles' to demonstrate how when energy is added the particles start to move more and take up more space.

 Using models of molecules, we learnt how when we add energy bonds can be broken. Some substances require a lot more energy to break the bonds - that is why some metals melt at very high temperatures.
 The class also had a first hand demonstration of evaporation. We put a small amount of liquid acetone in our palms and watched it evaporate in front of our eyes.

 Not all substances act in the same way. Sophie brought in some solid iodine crystals which we heated in a flame. We watched as they turned from a solid straight into a purple gas - this process is called sublimation.
 The class made lots of very useful notes and asked very thoughtful questions.
 For our last activity we investigated corn flour mixed with a small amount of water. We saw how it sometimes acted like a solid, but when left untouched it flowed like a liquid.  This would be a great experiment to try at home!

Class 3 would like to say a big thank-you to Mrs.King for giving up her time to come and answer our questions. The staff would like to say an even bigger thank-you for bringing in the homemade cookies which went down a storm!