Friday, 26 June 2015

Crucial Crew (Year 6)

On the 22nd of June we (Class 4) went on the most amazing and fun trip that you could ever imagine. This trip was to an army barracks in Harrogate and the event was called crucial crew. We learnt lots of important things to stop you from getting arrested and to keep you safe. We did all sorts of role play to learn this. We learnt:

What to do if you smell gas

What happens when you drink alcohol

To stay away from pylons and electricity

How to survive a house fire

What to do if someone has fallen in a river

How to stay off drugs

Why to not shoplift

How you can stop abuse and what types of abuse there are

How to stay safe on the internet

Why you should wear your seatbelt

We also went to a disco. Someone was handing out sweets so we all took one. Then we sat down and learnt how to not take things from strangers. WHOOPS! Luckily it was only an actor. Phew.

I thought crucial crew was a brilliant afternoon and the best way to learn things. I am going to remember this trip and not forget anything that was said because I might end up in one of these situations in the future.
by Emily Williams


Friday, 19 June 2015

Jewish Heritage Centre ~ Class 2

On Thursday the children in Class 2 visited the Jewish Heritage Centre in Shadwell as part of our topic on Judaism.

We started the day by watching some videos about Judaism presented by Jewish children.
We tasted some matzah which is unleavened bread eaten by the Jewish people during the week long Passover holiday.

We visited the Shtetl which is a traditional Jewish village. We found out that Jewish people worked together for the good of the community doing skills such as cooking and sewing. Hard work was encouraged and laziness was frowned upon.
We saw lots of Menorahs which are lit at the Jewish festival of Hannakh.
We saw how the table would be set for Shabatt on a Friday evening with the word shabatt written in Hebrew on the cover over the Challah bread.
We made our own covers and used a stencil to write the Hebrew letters.

We enjoyed adding our own decorations.

We made some Challah bread by rolling three pieces of dough and then plaited them together.
We glazed the bread with egg..

...and put some poopy seeds on top.
They were ready for the oven and they looked great!

We visited the kosher supermarket and found out about the different labels to look for on kosher foods.

We chose some kosher food for a meal and payed for it at the till.
We had to decide whether to cook our meals in the meat area...

..or the milk area in the kosher kitchen.
At last it was time for lunch. We all tucked into our kosher sandwiches.
After lunch we went into the synagogue and has the opportunity to see the real Torah Scrolls which are kept safely inside the ark. We had a fantastic day and learnt a great deal about the Jewish faith.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Environmental Detectives

Class 3 enjoyed a fabulous day as environmental detectives at Harlow Carr Gardens. 

We started our visit with a walk through the gardens to find the best view for our sketching. 
The children used their viewfinders to frame their landscapes. We looked carefully at how the lines of the paths changed as they stretched into the distance. 
Standing in the fairy ring we made our wishes. We can't tell you what they were - or they won't come true!

After lunch we had time to explore the treehouse and burn off some energy. 
The education centre was our next stop. Elizabeth led our workshop and taught us all about food chains. Did you know all food chains start with a producer? 
Elizabeth then took us out into the gardens to explore different habitats. The pond dipping was amazing. We identified so many wonderful creatures including newts, tadpoles and water-boatmen. 
We used the identification key diagram to help us name the creatures. 
The next habitat we explored was the meadow. We used huge nets to sweep the air for flying bugs. 
Our collecting showed us just how many living things are in each environment. We will use what we have learnt back in the classroom to help us with out Habitats topic. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bolton Abbey Yorkshire Adventure ~ Year 2

On Thursday this week the children in Year 2 had a lovely day out at Bolton Abbey for their Yorkshire Adventure.
On arrival we found a quiet spot to enjoy a piece of fruit before setting off on our walk.
We listened to some safety instructions from Mrs Wraighte about staying away from the river, keeping up with the group and taking care when we walk near the road watching out for cars and bikes.  We put on our sun cream and were ready for the off!
At the first drinks stop we looked a monument that had a fountain in the middle. We used our detective skills and found out that it was built to remember a man called Charles Frederick Cavendish.
We could see the dates that he was born and the dates he dies engraved on the monument but they were written in letters rather then numbers and we realised that they were Roman numerals .
We used our mathematical and thinking skills to decode the dates.
It was quite a challenge but we concentrated and stayed focused and managed to work it out in the end.
We walked round to the Abbey and Mrs Gregson told us why some of the Abbey is in ruins.
We knew this grave stone must be for an important person and we took a closer look to find out more about it.
We walked around the ruins of the Abbey looking for clues to work out what the Abbey would have look like in the past. We looked for evidence of where walls would have been, door ways and windows.

There was then time for a well earned lunch stop. We found a lovely shaded spot under the trees near the river.
Mrs Wraighte showed us how to play a game called rabbits and hawks. We used mirrors to get the same perspective of the world as rabbit and a hawk! It was great fun and the in the end the hawks chased the rabbits in a attempt to catch their prey.
The next big challenge was the stepping stones. We only went a short way across because near the middle the river runs quite fast and is much deeper.
It wasn't too much of a challenge for tall children with long legs as they could easily stride between the stones however....
it was more of a challenge for children with smaller legs. Well done Guran we knew you could do it!
Further on there was a small hole in the bottom of the wall that the children had to crawl through, guess who went first this time?
We had to get right down on the ground and pull ourselves through, there must be an easier way than this!
ah well done Elsa, very sensible!