Thursday, 23 March 2017

Maple Crayford Vist ~ Class 2

This afternoon we were treated to a visit from Maple Crayford  who is a greyhound dog.

Mrs Crayford and Jacob told us that Maple was born in 2004 and that she was a racing hound until 2007 when she was dumped and then rescued by the Crayford family from Tia Greyhound Rescue.

At home Maple eats healthy dog biscuits three times a day and drinks water. She also goes for walks three times a day and sleeps in a basket with an old blanket. Maple's fur is not waterproof like most dogs so if it is raining she needs to wear a coat to keep her dry.

Mrs Crayford told us that Maple cannot be let off the lead when they are out walking as she chases anything small and furry especially rabbits and she runs very fast too.

We all enjoyed meeting Maple as we have heard a lot about her during out pets topic.
Thank you to Mrs Crayford, Emily and Jacob for letting us all meet her.

Monday, 20 March 2017

EurekaVisit ~ Class 2

On Friday the children in Class 2 visited Eureka, the Museum of Science for Children based in Halifax. We started the day by exploring the "All about Me" gallery.

A talking robot introduced us to the gallery and told us what to expect.

We measured how tall we are...

how high we can reach...

and how long our stride is.

We also found out how big your feet would be if you were the tallest man in the world.

We took turns in the body scanner

and booked in appointments at the medical centre.

We found out how to put bandages on..

and had fun role playing our injuries!

We looked under microscopes..

and used an ultra-sound machine to scan a baby.

We found out how to look after our teeth properly..

this mouth has a wobbly tooth!

There was even the opportunity to visit the dentist!

We found out about our skeleton..

and what happens to our joints when we move.

We found out about the different systems in the body including the nervous system..

and the digestive system.

We looked at different parts of the body using x-rays.

We used our senses to help us balance..

and to smell lots of different smells.

Next we visited the "Living and Working Together " gallery. First stop Marks and Spencer!

There were some very full trollies..

luckily for us there was someone on hand to scan all the food at the checkout..

and the cashier made sure that all that money went straight in the shoot to the accounts department.

Next stop was the Post Office..

The children gave excellent customer service...

and the dressing up was great fun too.

Then it was time to visit the car garage. These boys were feeling a little tired by now!

We could drive a car..

have a ride in a truck..

and fill the cars with petrol.

There were plenty of jobs to do in the house including the laundry..

and preparing meals.

In the bank the children enjoyed sitting in the chair made of money..

There was great deal of work to be done..

and loads of gold bars in the vault.

After all this activity it was time for lunch..

and a few minutes to play outside on the adventure playground before the Balloon Workshop started.

In the afternoon we were treated to a science workshop with the bonkers balloon lady!

She told us all about forces..

and the children enjoyed hitting Mrs Wraighte on the nose with a balloon!

Everyone was very keen to volunteer for all the experiments.

All in all we had a fantastic day and it was a great way to round off our science feature week.
Well done Class 2on your brilliant behaviour and super enthusiasm for science.