Sunday, 21 May 2017

Christian Aid Week ~ Big Brekkie

Last week was Christian Aid week and we held a "Big Brekkie" event in the school hall to raise money for this important charity which this year is celebrating 60 years of fundraising for refugee families. We had a brilliant turnout and because all the food was donated by Morrisons in Wetherby and the school PTA, every penny raised went to directly to the charity. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs!

It was a real team effort and a lovely family event. We raised a grand total of £279.79 for Christian Aid. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Jewish Heritage Centre Visit ~ Class 2

On Thursday this week the children in Class 2 visited the Jewish Heritage Centre for Children in Shadwell as part of our topic on Judaism.

The craft activity was to make a cover for the challah bread at the Shabbat table.

During the Shabbat meal bread will be shared with the family and candles lit. Jewish families may also drink wine or grape juice say prayers and blessings around the table.

The children used stencils to write the word Shabbat in Hebrew letters on the cover.

We had to remember that in Hebrew the letters read from right to left.

The baking activity was to make a Challah loaf. We started with a piece of dough and rolled it into three equal balls.

We rolled it into three sausage shapes...

and made a plait.

Everyone did a great job.

We covered the bread in egg to make it shiny...

and finally we sprinkles with sesame seeds before cooking.

Time for a quick snack.

and into he kosher kitchen and shop.

We had to do the shopping for a kosher meal.

Jewish people don't eat milk and meat products together because God told them not to.

Finally we visited the traditional Jewish Village.

We saw a table in the house set up ready for Shabbat.

There was a chance to dress up in traditional hats for the boys..

and head scarves for the girls.

In the village synagogue we saw the Holy Ark and had the chance to see and handle some toy Torah Scrolls.

 In the village shop we saw a collection of menorahs and Shabbat candles,

and there was a chance to be a traditional scribe, writing the Hebrew script for the Torah.

We all had a great day and really improved our knowledge and experience about Judaism. Thank you Class 2 for your brilliant behaviour and thank you to the parents helpers for your support.