Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Thwaite Mills Back to Nature ~ Class 2

On Friday last week the children in Class 2 had a day out at Thwaite Mills on a Back to Nature Workshop. After a short safety talk we were all given a pair of gardening gloves and some trowels and small spades and we started to look for mini- beasts in the soil.

We recorded all the insects we had seen onto our worksheets.

Next it was time to go into the wooded area to look for anything that was living in the trees and bushes. We were given nets and magnifying glasses to help us look.

We went in the green room and George showed us different species that we might see on the island.

We saw a birds nest and a bees nest....

and we looked at things up close underneath a microscope.

The activity that everyone was looking forward to the most was the pond dipping.

 We went to the pond in small groups and dipped our nets.

We found lots of different creatures in the water and George helped us to identify some of them.

It was then time for lunch. We were all very hungry after such a busy morning.

In the afternoon we went inside for a craft activity.

We used pipe cleaners and tissue paper..

fuzzy balls and sequins..

to make dragonflies and butterflies.

We think they look brilliant!

We had a great day out getting back to nature, the weather was perfect for us and it was a fitting way for Class 2 to celebrate the end of the year.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Colourscape ~ Year 1

Colourscape Workshop

On Wednesday the year 1 children took part in a fabulous colourscape workshop held at Boston Spa Comprehensive. We had a very busy day packed with different activities and tasks. 

We began the day with a visit to the colourscape dome and split up into two teams to explore the maze.

We even got to wear jazzy capes!

In we go!


We were amazed! 

Each time we tried to reach the next colour in the maze, our eyes played tricks on us and we could never quite get there!

The lights created a very therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere.

The white light was super cool, It made our voices change in certain parts of the dome. Sometimes our voices echoed, other times they went really loud and really quiet.

Every time we changed rooms our capes changes colour too.

Wow! We could only see black and white in this part.


Next we came out of the maze to do some artwork using paint pens.

 We wanted to find out what would happen to the colours in our pictures if we took them into the maze.

We all predicted different things.

Some children thought the colours they used in their pictures would change to different colours in the maze.

Some thought the colours would stay the same.

Others thought the paper might change colour!

Lots of people thought the colours might disappear all together! 

 Back in we went to find out the answer...

Seriously cool!!

We found that the paints all changed colour depending on what coloured lights we were holding them under!

What an amazing experience!

Next up it was our turn at the clay station.

We spent lots of time familiarizing ourselves with the properties of the clay to help us plan what we wanted to make.

We made lots of different models!




Palm trees

And much, much more!

After the clay station, we went onto large scale art.

We began by drawing around one person from each group onto giant paper.

Staying still was very tricky!!

Especially if you're ticklish!

Next the children used their fingers to paint their drawings.

This is where things get messy
 (Close your eyes mums and dads!)

Finger painting escalated to body painting in some cases! 

Thankfully Boston Spa was well prepared for tidy up time, and Mr Adcock was on hand with plenty of wet wipes (Thank you Mr Adcock!)

However, even Mr Adock's endless supply of wet wipes couldn't help some!

Following this messy madness was our turn at the sound workshop. 
(It's safe to open your eyes now mums and dads!)

At the sound workshop we were welcomed by Michael.

Here we explored the dynamics of sound using our hands and voices.

We even got to play one of the smallest drums in the world!

We all chose to play the drum in our own unique ways.

Next we played an unusual instrument called a little Vietnamese frog.

The little Vietnamese frog creates an unique sound through vibrations caused by stick tree sap (resin). This sound made us giggle a lot!

After Michael then introduced us to a singing bowl!

He even showed us how just moving our mouths near the bowl whilst its singing can influence the sound it makes!

We were mesmerized by the singing bowl.

Thank you Michael!

The final workshop was lead by David who makes music and light sensors.

David introduced us to all the different types of sensors he makes. Each of them were triggered by movement, however they all created a different sound or colour.

We even experimented with the sensors to find out what would happen if we played them all at the same time. 

It sounded like we had an entire orchestra in the room!

We finished off with a good old boogie to the music we had created!

It was brilliant!

We all had a spectacular day and really improved our knowledge and experience with all aspects of the workshop. Thank you Class 2 for your fantastic behavior and thank you to the parent helpers for your support.